Part of You

Part of You

“Part of You” is my philosophical interpretation of life and Earth as a full of a mix of information, fantasy and mystery that encourages our mind to reinvent and reinvigorate the possibilities of our world and other worlds, parallel worlds. I used double-exposure in camera to create the artworks of my vision. In these dual images, my subjects metamorphose into mythical beings as they blend in with their untamed nature settings. The process of combining portraits with the natural environment creates altered reality. It transcends barriers and dives into the most intimate corners of the human soul.

Artworks of this series are available as limited edition, signed and numbered prints.
Limited Edition of 7 (12″x15″). Each image of the series has 2 AP.
No further reproduction will be produced after limited edition prints are sold out.

To inquire about purchase of these artworks, please contact the artist.

©2017-2021 Olga Merrill.

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