Harbor series

Sailing is a metaphor for human life. We all have the choice to decide in which direction we want to go. Put up a sail, catch the wind and focus on your personal journey. Navigate your sailboat, do not let other people navigate your life and do not navigate theirs.

The coast of Maine, with a long maritime tradition and sailing events, gave me opportunities to create these abstract artworks during 2017-2019. All works are painterly and mysterious, encouraging you to bring imagination.

Drifting off course without correction can destroy your dream, but if you are mastering the navigation process you will more likely arrive to your desired destination. Although we cannot always control the outcome of our lives, we do have choices along the way. Who are we and how do we react to events on a daily basis? Do they make or break us?

Artworks of this series are available as open edition in different sizes up to 45″x30″.

To inquire about purchase of these artworks, please contact the artist.

©2017-2021 Olga Merrill.

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