Holiday Spirits

     “Holiday Spirits” is my photowalk in the small cozy town of Brunswick (Downtown and Bowdoin College). Embrace uncertainty and dive into something new, relax and take away the the hat called “I know all”!

     Awaken your curiosity and challenge yourself with whatever new we will we discover! There is always more …
     How can I prove it? Simple story: Telling the kids that you hid 5 gifts in the room, when they find the 5, they will stop looking. But if you do not tell how many gifts you hid, then they will keep looking with endless curiosity. So, awaken your inner child!

     During the walk, our primary focus will be to catch Holiday Spirits! Mostly my goal is show how to use creative bokeh and I will share with you a few tricks. December is a great time, we will embrace Magic Christmas decorations are town and holiday magic mood permeates!
     Photographers of all levels are welcome and non-photographers with late-model iphones are welcome as well.
     Preferable gears: camera, lens with at least an f/2.8 aperture, ideal apertures of f/2, f/1.8 or f/1.4.
     Bring what you have, we will find a nice decision.

photowalk Holiday Spirits

Date: 15 December. Duration: 1-1.5 hours (weather permitting) Participants: 5 Price: $20, fully refundable if under-subscribed or canceled Meeting point: 3 P.M. Gazebo at Brunswick Town Mall, Brunswick, ME.


Option: Contact me directly for a paypal invoice.